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Dating fender bassman amplifier

They spent three-and-a-half days at the 16-track studio.

Recording live as a group, with minimal overdubs, they managed to get demos for approximately seven songs. Spacemen 3 managed to obtain a record deal shortly after producing their new demos.

in Autumn 1982, both aged 16, and became close friends.

Pierce was in a band called Indian Scalp, but he left them near the end of 1982 in order to collaborate with Kember.

Kember and Pierce opted to upgrade their guitar equipment ahead of recording the new demos.

In January 1986, Spacemen 3 attended the home studio of Carlo Marocco at Piddington, outside Northampton, to record their new demo tape.Around this time they started to co-host a weekly club night together with another local band, Gavin Wissen's 'The Cogs of Tyme'.'The Reverberation Club', as it was called, was held at The Blitz public house in Rugby on Thursdays.Spacemen 3 were an English alternative rock band, formed in 1982 in Rugby, Warwickshire by Peter Kember and Jason Pierce.Their music was "colourfully mind-altering, but not in the sense of the acid rock of the 1960s; instead, the band developed its own minimalistic psychedelia" (Stephen Erlewine, All Music).

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The two guitarists recruited drummer Tim Morris, who played with a couple of other bands and had a rehearsal space at his parental home which they used.

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