Intimidating and victim and sexual abuse

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Intimidating and victim and sexual abuse

As news of the Mc Martin barbarity spread, daycare personnel in schools across the nation found themselves implicated in the crime of satanic-ritual child abuse.

A national network of abuse-therapists promptly materialized.

The mother was mentally disturbed and her story had no basis in reality.Sexual assault on campus is a genuine problem—but the new rape culture crusade is turning ugly.The list of falsely accused young men subject to kangaroo court justice is growing apace.A recent Slate article called it “one of the most damaging moral panics in America’s history,” which only began to abate when skeptical journalists got round to checking facts and asking questions.A 1985 story in the Los Angeles Times informed readers that, according to FBI reports, the number of child kidnappings by strangers in 1984 was 67, not 50,000 Today’s college rape panic is an eerie recapitulation of the daycare abuse panic.

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To not believe an alleged victim is to risk being called a rape apologist.