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As time goes on, regular updating may not be enough to keep up your site design and changing content.

In many cases, you should instead eliminate old pages and create new ones.

I moved from Front Page 98 to Expression Web 1 awhile back.

If you try to upload a large file and you get a timeout error, look at Filezilla to upload the stubborn file. My own site host provides me space for my files and nothing else. Having said that, a good friend and associate set up my one page web site for me, using Front Page, but didn't show me how to use it.Sure they have new versions and changes but the old methods are usually supported while transition to the new methods are adopted.As an added benefit you can do it the way you want it not the way the code writer wants to do it. -Off Soapbox- I'm just trying the 60 day trial version of Expression Studio 4 downloaded from MS web site.In my opinion it's worth upgrading and will do so when the trial runs out. It may be old, but it is like an old shoe, it feels very good. There are better free code on the net to do anything the Front Page extensions do and perhaps better.Start publishing using the FTP function in Front Page.

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I have FP2003 on my Win7 laptop, integrates with Office '07. Looking at Coffee Cup software and asked for opinions on another post. -On Soapbox- This is the problem with any code authoring software you spend hours learning how it works and its quirks only to have it inconsistently upgraded or discontinued.

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